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Nov 24, 2012 3:00am PST
presidential nominee paul ryan to admit that contrary to what the nra was saying and multi-million dollar ad buys around the country, that actually president obama wasn't changing gun laws to take anyone's guns away. and then paul ryan pulled off his microphone and his handler put that piece of paper up in front of the camera and paul ryan never did another local news interview until he lost the election and the campaign was over. i'm thankful for local news reporters who work generally in lousy conditions with lousy support for lousy pay, and who do things as wide rangingly wonderful as ktla covering the story of the glendale bear wandering the streets of los angeles, to cbs atlanta, building this wacky graphic to accompany the story of the georgia republican state senators holding a seminar on president obama's mind control techniques, to the political reporter for the abc affiliate in miami who had the big pitcher of water thrown all over him, when he was bravely trying to report on the story of the scandal-ridden now former congressman, david rivera. i'm thankful, specifically, for james
Nov 24, 2012 8:45am EST
both looking over their shoulders. >> you mentioned paul ryan. of course i cannot go on without asking about him and the role that he has played in this congress and the degree to which his celebrity is embraced by other republicans who are presumably, as you say, as ambitious as the. he is the one who kind of got out. he is the one who rose above the others to be plucked as mitt romney's running mate. is everybody in the republican leaders have for that matter the republican ranks happy to see in there? is the resentment of him? to their respective as much as they are said to for his brain and his facility with numbers? >> they do respect him, and i think that there are those -- the people who resent and distressed paul ryan in the republican party are the members of the so-called tuesday group, which is the group, the waiting in member group of moderate republicans in the hand. they resented the imposition, the so-called ryan budget as the republican house budget. that budget, by the way, and brian's budget pancaking around for several years when he was the ranking member of the hous
Nov 24, 2012 9:30am EST
this and if you are paul ryan you say come on, that doesn't make any difference in balancing the budget. doesn't make much of the difference but the injustice is enraging and the other thing that is important was regulation, particularly of those industries where the whole industry is based on what is a regulatory framework and most visibly finance stand if you want to talk about the greatest rip-off of the american middle class, and the middle class around the world, the regulatory failure leading up to 2008, it didn't have to be like that. i don't want to say canada is the most perfect country in the world because there are problems but one thing that is a great counterexample which shows you can have a normal civilized economy, cars and computers and live like a normal person and still regulate your bankers, is canada. canada did not have a financial crisis even though the rest of the world did, because the canadian government and canadian regulators said no to their banks and was hard. it was interesting talking to canadian authorities, canadian finance minister said we are so out of step
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Nov 24, 2012 1:00pm PST
a tough sell in front of the american people and a reason why paul ryan was a pretty unpopular vice-presidential candidate. people do not want to cut those programs. >> gregg: and during the 2008 presidential debate, the president promised and i looked it up and double-checked it today, he promised that he would have entitlement reform accomplished and put forth by the end of his first term. hasn't done it. why not? >> well, i think we need to talk about smart cuts first, and what that means is getting rid of waste and fraud and abuse. it means getting rid of these things. >> gregg: he's breaking his promise, isn't he? >> i don't know that that's right. i think when we talked. >> gregg: i watched the debate today, they had a clip. >> sure. >> gregg: of it on youtube, you can take a look at it. and there are 258 americans signed onto the grover norquist pledge never to quote for a tax hike, closing tax loopholes. speaker boehner says i'm willing to break it and do the latter on deductions and exemptions and saxby chambliss the senator said it's time to ditch grover and his pledge, is
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am EST
paul ryan has proposed. a lot of these things -- did not address the underlying issues, which is cost. it is getting more expensive it. third of health care spending to get your necessary treatments. had we reduce unnecessary treatment? for the 1% of the cost are due to administrative costs. with us. models run the country that have been able to bring down costs in an effective way. many of these programs will not have any problem with them. host: we want to show our viewers -- "the can kicks back" looks to be a giant beat up can. how did you come up with this idea for the mascot? guest: our generation is the candidate washington keeps kicking down the road when a delay action. our future, our jobs and our families. we decided let us make they can an image of our organization. which is ameri can. they asked them, what is their plan to reduce the deficit. and we hope to take it on a nationwide tour next year and visit college campuses and sign people up and help generate the movement. host: dale from michigan on our line for democrats, go ahead. you are on. caller: just a suggestion. t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5